Printed Vinyl Banners

Banners for indoor and outdoor use | Medium and large-format advertising

440gsm PVC Banners – This is the most popular type of banner and has a multitude of uses at a variety of events, such as advertising banners, street campaign/event banners, corporate event banners, sporting event banners, birthday banners, party banners, etc.

740gsm PVC Banners – Our premium banner material is the best quality material on the market. It has two layers of PVC with a light-stop material inbetween. This prevents any show-through from the reverse side so is the perfect solution for double-sided banners.

The material can also be used for single-sided banners, giving them a supreme quality feel and extra strength. This material really is ‘premium’.

Finishes Available – Hem & Eyelets, Trimmed with eyelets, Trim to size or Pole Pocket.